FvD Nijmegen’s statement ended prematurely at Bruls’s request

Het werd al druk om 11:30 uur bij de verkiezingsbijeenkomst van FvD op het Kelfkensbos in Nijmegen Foto: Persbureau Heitink

The gathering was crowded and the counter-demonstrators came to it without warning. An emergency order has gone into effect to distance the two groups of visitors from each other.

Two people were arrested for incitement, and some fines were imposed on people who did not keep a sufficient distance from each other, for example when distributing leaflets.

Thierry Bodt campaigned for the Parliamentary elections at Kelfkensbos in Nijmegen today. This was more crowded than the 200 people the organization announced.

Undeclared anti-racism protesters disrupted the meeting from the ground across the street, holding a sign and a loudspeaker. They were pulled out of there. Then the counter-demonstrators were led away from Kelfkensbos to Mariburgnburgplein.

The police were present with the riot police and the horses.

Police previously installed mobile “crowd control” cameras to monitor the number of people there. This is due to a prior expectation that it could get busier than the maximum 200 people reported to the municipality from the FvD as an estimate. This number of visitors appears to have already been reached around 11:30 AM. The event will run until 1 p.m. but ends before 12:30 p.m.

Earlier he became more preoccupied with FvD appearances than the organization itself estimated, according to a police spokesperson. During his campaign visit to Urk, he may have broken the rules for the Coronavirus. The police are investigating this upon the request of the Public Prosecution Service (OM).

During that FVD foreman’s visit, many people stood close to each other. Many hands shook and paudette ate herring in a fish restaurant where many tables were occupied. Baudet was also on a campaign in Harderwijk. According to a spokeswoman for the Public Prosecution Office, things seemed to be going better there.

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