Fuel shortages in France due to strikes | ANWB

Fuel shortages in France due to strikes |  ANWB

Because of the strikes, many gas stations in France ran out of fuel. There are long queues in front of gas stations that still have sufficient stocks of fuel.

asking for help

Due to the lack of fuel, the ANWB has already received hundreds of requests for assistance from the Dutch stranded in France. The problems caused by the strikes have been going on since Friday 7 October.

Less and less fuel in stock

The strikes on oil refineries mean there is less and less fuel in stock in France. A spokesperson for the Netherlands said Dutch vacationers are turning to the ANWB for help answering questions about fuel shortages or because they are standing without fuel. The ANWB receives reports from the Dutch from almost all parts of France, with the exception of the Brittany region and the southern border region near Spain.


Campaign across France ready
Dutch people still traveling to France are advised to fill up their fuel tank in Luxembourg or Belgium. Don’t let it come to you in France and fill it up regularly. To prevent compaction, filling jerry cans is not allowed.

Dutch people who have little fuel at their holiday address in France are advised to postpone their departure until fuel is available in the region. Local towing and recovery companies that ANWB works with only exit in unsafe situations, according to a spokesperson. If someone stops in an unsafe place, he is dragged to a safe place.

Keep a close eye on stock information at gas stations via the websites below:

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Fuel shortages in France due to strike

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