From this date, The Sinner Season 4 is streaming on Netflix

From this date, The Sinner Season 4 is streaming on Netflix

In the United States, the fourth season of comet It has already been broadcast. Netflix has now announced that this crime thriller starring Bill Pullman will also be available to stream on January 26, 2022. And that’s good news!

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What is season 4 about?
Shocked by previous cases a year ago, now retired Harry Ambrose travels to Hanover Island in northern Maine for a restorative vacation with partner Sonia. But when an unexpected tragedy occurs involving Percy Muldoon, the daughter of a prominent family on the island, Ambrose is recruited to help with the investigation. Then he finds himself in a great mystery: a growing paranoia that turns Ambrose’s life upside down.

Everything comes to an end…
Although the series is still very good comet In America with Decreasing Viewership Numbers: After the fourth season, the curtain fell for good. It is unfortunate, of course, but it is also important to stop at the peak. After the very memorable and exciting first season with Cora Tannetti (Jessica Biel), things haven’t improved, but the series still maintains high quality. So the sleeves can be rolled up to commit more heinous crimes. Hopefully the final season comes out with a bang.

Plus Bill Pullman (Halstonand Jessica HechtToo badIt’s also Alice Kremmelberg.Chicago trial 7) en Frances Fisher (Titanic) featured in this series. This production was directed by Derek Symonds (Seven and a match).

From January 26, 2022, the series is comet Season 4 streaming on Netflix. This season contains 8 episodes of 47 minutes each. Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery. Score awarded by IMDb: 7.9.

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