France no longer requires immunized tourists to undergo PCR testing | abroad

France no longer requires immunized tourists to undergo PCR testing |  abroad

For a while on Friday morning, it seemed possible to raise the flag for Francophones when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ travel app indicated that the travel advice had been changed. But France is still orange. Only Corsica went “in yellow”. This means that it is still not recommended to travel to mainland France for sweet excursions. Anyone who goes must be tested and quarantined upon return.


So you can enjoy a holiday in Corsica. As in Italian Sardinia, the infection rate is lower there, so travel is safe.

Although France was still orange, the French sought to conquer. It has been known for some time that they want to work with the vaccination passport from June 9th. Now Minister of State for Tourism, Jean-Baptiste Lemoine, told BFMTV news channel that from that date the country will allow vaccines without testing.

Contradicts Dutch travel advice

This contradicts what is stated in the Dutch travel advice. It states that the test also applies to flights to Corsica. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not yet been able to respond.

It is not clear anywhere how you must prove in France that you have received the vaccination. Greece accepts the RIVM proof it gets after the shot, but it’s unclear how the French will verify that.


Travel advice for Hungary also changed on Friday morning. The country now turns yellow, so travel is permitted and the test and quarantine obligation expires upon return. There is still an entry ban, so in fact the Dutch tourist does not benefit much from relaxation. Hungary only allows residents of Hungary. “After returning to Hungary, they must be isolated for 10 days or have 2 negative tests taken. The Foreign Ministry said they are allowed to leave home quarantine if they can show 2 negative coronavirus tests within 5 days of their arrival.

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However, traveling to the yellow areas is not without risks. If the situation worsens, the travel advice may change to orange.

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