Four Flemish productions have been selected for the largest American short film festival


Four Flemish productions have been invited to the Palm Springs International Short Film Festival, the largest short film festival in the United States (June 22-28).

Versailles By Hyun Lories, winner of the VAF Wildcard in 2020, there will also be Stephanie By Leonardo van Diegel, who was selected last year for the Cannes Short Film Competition.

In addition, there are also howling by Laura Van Haecke and Eighteenth by Olivier Lambrechts and Dimitri Baronhead on the programme.


Versailles It is Hyun Lorez’s graduation project at RITCS. A film about a young woman who returns to the Brussels neighborhood where she grew up, trying to pick up the thread with her sister and fulfill an old promise.

Lories won the VAF Wildcard Fiction with him in 2020, and the film has already been shown in the Belgian Student Film Competition of the Film Fest Gent.


short feature film Stephanie By Leonardo Van Dijl Achieved by VAF Wildcard acquired by the manufacturer in 2015 Rule, his thesis at LUCA School of Art.

at Stephanie We follow the title character, an 11-year-old gymnast who just won her first international title as she is overwhelmed with congratulations. The more praised it is, the more the medal weighs.

Stephanie It had its world premiere in the Cannes Official Short Film Competition in 2020 and was subsequently screened at the San Sebastian and Toronto Film Festivals.

After a successful run to the festival, the film won the Ensor Award for Best Short Film in January of this year. output from Stephanie From De Wereldvrede, the international sales agent is the new Polish film sales company in Europe.

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The third Flemish address in Palm Springs is howling By Laura van Hyek, about a nine-year-old girl who moves to the countryside.

In the landscapes of vast fields, she is left to herself and becomes more independent. In Belgium it was howling It was previously shown at the Leuven International Short Film Festival and Ghent Film Festival. The film is produced by Serendipity Films.


Finally, it will be too Eighteenth Written by Dimitri Baronhead and Olivier Lambrechts to be shown in Palm Springs. In this upcoming movie, we follow a boy who grew up in a youth institution and who will soon have to make some important choices.

leadership role in Eighteenth Played by Mistral Guidotti, better known from Finn Trux house, house. Produced by Animal Tank.

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