Four-day national regional transit strike canceled for now | Economie

Four-day national regional transit strike canceled for now |  Economie

A four-day nationwide strike in regional transport has been canceled for the time being. The FNV union will first continue to talk to regional transfer employers about their requirements for a new collective labor agreement.

Among other things, FNV wants wages for employees in regional transport to rise in line with high inflation. To force this into a new collective labor agreement, the union has given employers an ultimatum. If the employers did not agree to the demands by Sunday, the workers would go on strike.

A spokesperson for FNV confirmed that plans to strike had been halted, but had not yet been floated. “If the employers’ proposals are not enough again,” he says, “we will strike for four days in January instead of December.”

The regional mass transit agreement includes about thirteen thousand people. This includes conductors, train drivers and bus drivers from companies such as Qbuzz, Arriva and Keolis.

According to the FNV, the previously announced strike by regional train employees in North Holland will continue. This happens because the collective labor agreement has collapsed there.

Next Thursday, Arriva employees will strike at the regional railway line in Friesland. On Friday, the company’s employees will follow their colleagues in the southeast of Drenthe on the regional track in Groningen, and on Monday.

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