Formula E: 2022 calendar well known, Eindhoven ‘perfectly keeping pace’

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Formula E: 2022 calendar well known, Eindhoven ‘perfectly keeping pace’

Peter-Paul Laumans (r.) of Eindhoven Formula E, here with driver Robin Frijns

Yesterday, the FIA ​​released the calendar for the 2021/2022 Formula E season – which is actually only 2022, but Formula E prefers to talk about ‘season eight’ anyway, for the Netflix generation. What is striking from a Dutch perspective is the lack of Eindhoven, where efforts are made to win the Electricity Championship. However, there is an event on the calendar for June 4 with a location selected, while 2023 is also an option for Eindhoven. “We are well prepared for the pace,” explains the organization from City of Light.

Text: René de Boer (Twitter: renedeboer)
Photo: Tow/R. by Boyer

The upcoming Formula E season will start again in Diriyah in Saudi Arabia, with two races on the calendar on January 28 and 29. This already refers to a “clash” with the 24 Hours of Daytona, which has involved many Formula E drivers so far. Then there are the races in Mexico, with the series returning to Mexico City instead of Puebla, and Cape Town in South Africa as the first new location. In mid-March, there will be a race on a yet-to-be-determined circuit in China, after which the European Tour begins on April 9 in Rome. This is followed by Monte Carlo and Berlin, the already mentioned race will end on June 4th, then in July three events in Vancouver, also New, New York and London, with the last two mentioned events comprising of two races each. This also applies to the season finale, on August 13 and 14 in Seoul, the third new location on the calendar.

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Peter-Paul Laumans, head of the Formula-Eindhoven Foundation, remains optimistic about the chances of being able to hold the Formula E event in Brabant Technology City. “we have
I recently worked with a dedicated team to develop the most complete offering possible for Formula E Holdings. We are now discussing this proposal in London. The coronavirus pandemic has had a delaying effect on conversations and investigations. International travel restrictions, for example, have caused delays in the implementation of our pathway studies. But now we are ready to go.”

In discussions with the Formula-Eindhoven Foundation, Ole Macroden, Formula E Holdings’ City Development Director, said: “The proposal we have received from Formula-Eindhoven shows a professional and positive approach to the organization of the race and our discussions are continuing. Support for an event in Eindhoven is very encouraging.”

Laumans continues: “The calendar transmitted by Formula E is a preliminary version, for example, covid still has an impact on event calendars around the world. So awarding a race to our organization for 2022 is not at all out of the question. But we are thinking beyond 2022. Our discussions with Formula E Holdings were based on a long-term, multi-year partnership, starting in 2022 or 2023. In parallel with discussions with Formula E, we are also finalizing various track options.”

ABB FIA WK Formula E 2022 calendar
January 28-29: Diriyah, Saudi Arabia
February 12: Mexico City, Mexico
February 26: Cape Town, South Africa
March 19: location nnb, China
April 9: Rome, Italy
April 30: Monte Carlo, Monaco
May 14: Berlin, Germany
June 4th: location nnb, country nnb
2 Julie: Vancouver, Canada
July 16-17: New York, United States
July 30-31: London, Great Britain
August 13-14: Seoul, South Korea

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