Former stars and presidents praise the president with …

Former stars and presidents praise the president with ...

Many American celebrities have praised their new president, Joe Biden, on the online program Celebrating America. In addition to music stars such as Bruce Springsteen, John Bon Jovi, John Legend, Fu Fighter’s, Demi Lovato, Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake, former Presidents Bush, Clinton and Obama have also been shown. Both Biden and Harris gave speeches in memory of the Civil War and Martin Luther King’s struggle.

Springsteen performed the song from under the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington Land of hope and dreams he heard. Then the host, actor Tom Hanks, took the floor. “In the past few weeks, the last few years, we have witnessed a deep division and worrying bitterness in our country, but tonight we are rethinking the United States,” Hanks said.

Host Tom Hanks.
Photo: AFP

The largely hypothetical ceremonial program was titled “Celebrating America” ​​to replace the traditional ball, and was intended for “ordinary” Americans during the pandemic.

Biden: Like The Civil War and Martin Luther King

Biden also gave a short speech as part of the celebration. He said he felt humbled in front of a statue of Lincoln. We learned once again that democracy is precious and thanks to you, democracy has triumphed. That’s why Jill and I, Kamala and Doug, wanted the inauguration not about us, but about you, the American people. This is a great country, we are a good people, and overcoming the challenges we face requires the most elusive thing in democracy: unity. ”

Former stars and presidents greet President Biden during a hypothetical parade
Photo: AFP

“There are times in our history when we are being asked more as Americans,” Biden said. “We saw it in the Civil War, we saw it with Dr. King, dreaming about these steps, along the mall. We are now at a time like this. Pandemic, economic crisis, racial injustice, climate crisis, threats to our democracy itself. The question is are we ready? Should we seize the moment?” Like our ancestors? I think we should do it and we will do it, and you, the American people, are the reason.

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Biden said, “I was no more optimistic about America than I am today.” There is nothing we couldn’t do if we did it together. This is what you will see tonight. Stories of ordinary Americans doing extraordinary things. This way we will celebrate, respect and represent America during our time in office. America is built on decency and dignity, on love and healing, on greatness and goodness, on opportunity. This is the story that guides, inspires, and unites us today and always. Thank you for this honor. I will give you everything. ‘

Harris: “Even in dark times we don’t just dream, we dream.”

Vice President Kamala Harris sent a similar message using the same photos. She said it was an honor for me to stand here as Vice President on the shoulders of her predecessors. This moment is the embodiment of our character as a nation. It shows who we are. Even in dark times, we don’t just dream, we dream. We not only see what was, but what might be. We aim at the moon, then put our flag on it. We have the courage, the courage and the ambition. We are not afraid in our belief that we will overcome, that we will rise. This is the American aspiration.

Former stars and presidents greet President Biden during a hypothetical parade
Photo: via Reuters

In the midst of the (American) Civil War, Abraham Lincoln saw building a brighter future. At the heart of the civil rights movement, Dr. King fought for racial and economic justice. American ambition has driven the women of this nation throughout history to demand equal rights. The same design can now be seen, according to Harris. This is the ambition and the courage to overcome the crisis Biden asked of the people. Doing what is difficult but good, being oneness, “believing in ourselves, in the country, and what we can do together.”

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Former presidents: “We must love our neighbor”

The nearly end of the program was a pre-recorded joint letter from former Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. “I think that the three of us talked about a peaceful transition of power that shows the institutional integrity of our country,” said Bush, the only Republican in the party. “We must love our neighbor.” Bush said he was tying his fingers for Biden’s success.

Bill Clinton also wished Biden good luck. According to Clinton, this is a new beginning. “We have to get off our horse and communicate with others.”

Obama stressed the importance of listening to opponents. Obama said, “One of my best memories of the inauguration was the grace and generosity that President Bush showed me and that Laura Bush showed Michelle.” It reminded me that we can have intense disagreements and still see human in each other. We have more in common as Americans than that divide us.

The three ex-boss wished Joe Biden good luck. “Your success is the success of the country. We keep our fingers crossed and we are here to help you, in a way we can as citizens.”

The evening ended with a large fireworks display around 10 pm local time, which Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden admired from the White House balcony.

Former stars and presidents greet President Biden during a hypothetical parade
Photo: Reuters

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