Former CDA Minister Firman is calling for the Business Cabinet

Former CDA Minister Firman is calling for the Business Cabinet

Former CDA Minister Ferman wants a business government. In a TV show Boettenhof He said that there must be a cultural change in the politics of The Hague. According to him, a cooling off period is necessary with a government that is not bound by politics. It should become a “non-parliamentary government” that is not bound by agreements with parties.

“If you want to change the culture, you have to take time to do that. The business treasury can allow the House of Representatives to get used to the new relationships,” said Ferman, who was himself minister of agriculture in the first two treasuries in the Kneinka.

People who understand their business

People who are knowledgeable and not afraid of being fired should be included in the business closet. Verman mentioned Marcel Levy and Martin van Rijn as potential ministers of health. Levy is the president of NWO, the Dutch scientific research organization. He is also a doctor, professor and was a director of the hospital. Van Rijn is President of the Aedes Housing Association. He previously held the position of Minister of State for Health and Minister of Medical Care,

Another candidate for a position on the Business Cabinet might be ex-SER chief Rinnooy Kan, according to the former Agriculture Minister. Ferman doesn’t mind ministers having a political background. “But it is about the qualities affixed to the painting.”

The role of Rutte is unimaginable

A CDA employee thinks about as long as, say, two years for the cool-down period. He does not see any role for himself. According to Verman, it is not unreasonable that such a government would be headed by VVD leader Rota. “It is not primarily about political lines, but administrative decisions. The best way for Root to lead such a club is from the elderly with experience.”

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at BuitenhoBij1 and BBB leaders, Simons and Van der Plas, said they see something in the cabinet proposal for the business, because according to them, it will take a long time before the formation is ready. Volt Furman Dassen reacted skeptically: “We’ve really had a tough period and it’s really a cool-down period. We have to start forming now.”

Detective Hamer, who was appointed last week, will hold talks with all the heads of groups in the House of Representatives tomorrow and the day after.

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