Foreign media analyzes the debate “Bit”: “Nobody believes Rota anymore” | right Now

Foreign media analyzes the debate "Bit": "Nobody believes Rota anymore" |  right Now

A number of foreign media outlets concluded after the parliamentary debate about the infamous “Omtzigt’s Position, Working Elsewhere” memo on Thursday, that outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte got into the eye of the needle.

British broadcaster BBC He explains to readers that the Prime Minister has dubbed him a “Teflon Mark” for his ability to survive scandals.

Agence France-Presse France Press agency He describes the events of Thursday as “one of the greatest political battles of Rota’s ten years in power.”

The Belgian VRT talks about a “simple debate” that ended with the de-confidence of the Rutte by the entire opposition. “Nobody believes Roti anymore (but he survived the confidence vote),” Belgian newspaper headlines Standard On its website.

German media wonder how long Rota will remain

Also German picture He concludes that Rute barely survived a vote of confidence. According to the newspaper, two weeks after the VVD won the election, it was already a question of whether the outgoing prime minister could stay in office. weekly Time He describes the debate in the House of Representatives as “long and turbulent”.

All opposition parties revoked their confidence in Ruteh overnight from Thursday to Friday. This means that nearly half of the members of the House of Representatives no longer believe in it. Additionally, all parties except for his VVD refused to perform Rote as the party leader in the poll. Despite this, he said after the debate that he wanted to continue as prime minister.

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