American stars boycott Instagram for a day: ‘Stop hate speech’

American stars boycott Instagram for a day: 'Stop hate speech'

Among the co-stars are big names like Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian, who run one of the top 10 Instagram accounts with 188 million followers.

Kim wrote on Twitter: “The disinformation circulating on social media has a dangerous effect on our elections and undermines our democracy.” It invites its millions of followers to also participate in the working group’s “Stop Hate for Profit” initiative.

Tougher action against the preachers of hate

The Stop Hate For Profit has been stressing Facebook for some time. The organization wants social media channels, including Instagram and Facebook, to take responsibility for the content of its users. They should take tougher action against hate propagandists, racism and conspiracy theories. Something that doesn’t happen often according to the working group.

Failed boycott

In July, the working group tried to win over Facebook across the county. A thousand advertisers will avoid the site for a month, causing Facebook to lose revenue. But the business was not successful. Not enough advertisers entered, and those who did came back a month later.

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