FIOD arrests father and son in school fraud | Financial

FIOD arrests father and son in school fraud |  Financial

The father (57) is an institution manager for an elementary school and is also a contributor to a school out-of-school care facility (BSO). His son (29) is the manager of this BSO.

The primary school, whose survival was already uncertain after a conviction report by the Education Inspectorate, entered into an agreement to lease part of the school to BSO. Furthermore, the school had space on loan from the municipality and there was no permission to lease the school space to BSO.

The investigation service FIOD reported this Wednesday in a letter about starting an investigation into school fee fraud.

Claim for damages

When the school was forced to close, BSO filed a massive claim with the school’s foundation to terminate the lease. Then the school organization also paid the compensation claim to BSO.

According to the FIOD, it is suspected that instead of paying tuition fees to the government due to the school closure, that money was withdrawn from the school through a lease and compensation claim in favor of the two suspects. FIOD is now investigating this matter.

During the arrest, the bank accounts of the father and son were confiscated.

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