Finally, we know more about ads on Netflix

Finally, we know more about ads on Netflix

Netflix is ​​adding a new subscription model to its model, and here’s how.

Netflix is ​​going through a rough time. The streaming service is still the largest of course, with over 220 million subscribers. But competition is fierce and more and more companies are remembering their content to launch their own streaming service.

As a result, the supply is fragmented and there are more and more parties where people can spend their money. With consequences, because Netflix had to announce for the first time in April that it has fewer subscribers than in previous months.

New subscription form
In an effort to turn the tide, Netflix is ​​now launching a new subscription plan that, somewhat like HBO Max and Hulu in the US, is an ad-supported model.

We are slowly learning more and more about the idea of ​​advertising on the streaming service and what that will mean for Netflix.

For example, a new article from the WSJ shows that Netflix is ​​still negotiating with Microsoft to support ads. At the same time, Netflix is ​​in talks with licensees about the placement of ads in their content.

But not only that; It also seems that the streaming service has to pay extra if ads are shown. Content is 15 to 30 percent more expensive.

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