Fewer lines in Schiphol, especially many arriving passengers | Financial issues

Fewer lines in Schiphol, especially many arriving passengers |  Financial issues

On Saturday, there were fewer security guards at work than planned. Schiphol could not say exactly how this happened. But due to the lack of staff, it took much longer than previous days to allow all travelers to pass through security. Lines also appeared outside the departure hall for the first time and many angry reactions were read on social media.

“The line even starts outside the tent. I’ve been in line for over 180 minutes! What a misery!”, for example, tweeted a passenger with pictures of large crowds of people at and in front of the airport.

Due to staff shortages in security and baggage handling, chaotic scenes in Schiphol have been more frequent this year. The past few days have been somewhat quieter, in part due to the actions of Schiphol. Then, according to the airport, people did not have to queue outside, although there were slightly more passengers departing compared to the 50,000 passengers on Saturday.

Schiphol is particularly busy on Sundays with the arrival of passengers. According to the airport, this is about 65,000 passengers who return from other places and do not have to go through security. The number of departing passengers is approximately 55,000 passengers. In total, Schiphol handled 180,000 passengers on Sunday, spread over 1,267 flights. It concerns the transportation of passengers, departures and arrivals.

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