Festive crowds on the roads to the south are dwindling | interior

Huge holiday crowds on roads to the south, ANWB: Departing Sunday |  interior

There is still an hour and a half delay in the Gotthard Tunnel. In France, it is still installed on the A7 between Valence and Orange and on the A9 between Nimes and Narbonne.


This “Black Saturday” was especially crowded on the highways of southern Germany and France, and on the roads to the Italian coast. “Between Milan and San Marino, the delay is now about five hours. The traffic jams mainly contain people with Italian license plates, but there are certainly a lot of Dutch people,” an ANWB spokesperson said. There were no long traffic jams with the holiday traffic in the Netherlands on Saturday morning.

The ANWB has previously advised travelers who want to avoid traffic jams not to leave the Netherlands before 10am on Saturday, or to travel only on Sunday. As millions of vacationers travel to their destinations on Saturday or return home, the organization warned early on of the heavy traffic on European roads.

“We are now seeing the roads in France slowly but surely filling up. For example, it is busy in Clermont-Ferrand, on the A10 near Orleans south of Paris and around Bordeaux. At noon in France, there were about 1,000 kilometers of traffic jams, like “The waiting time for the Gotthard tunnel on the A2 motorway in Switzerland is more than an hour and a half in both directions. ” According to him, holiday traffic in southern Germany also suffers from long traffic jams, including in Salzburg and Stuttgart.

The only long-distance traffic jam in the Netherlands, about 16 kilometers away, was on the A9 (Amstelveen-Alkmaar) motorway at the Rottepolder Plain junction around 11am on Saturday. The traffic congestion was not caused by vacationers but by the planned roadworks; The link road is closed.

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According to the ANWB, travelers who want to avoid traffic jams should leave from the Netherlands only on Saturdays after 10am, or travel on Sundays.

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