Ferrari launches clothing line: €200 for a shirt, €3,000 for a jacket | the cars

Ferrari launches clothing line: €200 for a shirt, €3,000 for a jacket |  the cars

At a fashion show in Maranello, the home of Ferrari, the car brand recently presented its first clothing collection. It is an amazing step in a new direction for the Italian brand.

Until now, the Ferrari car brand was mainly known for its fast and luxurious cars. But the brand now wants to expand that image. In the city of Maranello, Italians are planning to open a restaurant led by Michelin chef Massimo Bottura. It’s also sneaking into the fashion world, with its first complete collection. Rather, they aim to make about ten percent of their profits from selling clothing and accessories in the coming years.

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For the first costume collection, Ferrari brought Rocco Ianon, who was a former designer at Armani. The Italian has created a range of clothing and accessories that exude the same luxury and sophistication as the brand’s cars. Think silk shirts emblazoned with the Ferrari logo, or a large leather handbag in red in a racing car.

The clothing line should complement those who already drive Ferrari and want to dress perfectly in the style of their four-wheeled sports car. Or a welcome alternative for those who do not have 240 thousand euros for such a car, but still want a piece of the brand. ,, If you drive a Ferrari, you will find our collection great. “But we also want to attract a larger audience, especially young people,” said Nicola Buri, Ferrari’s director of brand diversification.

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“We want to appeal to both men and women,” adds designer Iannone. Most of the items in the set can be worn by all genders. The Italians also paid great attention to fabrics and materials. In addition to leather, silk and nylon are often reviewed. We mostly used ‘high-performance’ technology fabrics, giving it a touch of haute couture.”

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The collection of clothing will go on sale at the new Ferrari flagship store in Maranello and in some of the brand’s upcoming clothing stores in Milan, Miami and Los Angeles. Prices range from around €200 for a shirt to about €3,000 for a jacket. Everything is on sale in sizes XXXS to XXXL. It has not yet been announced whether the items will also be for sale via the Ferrari Web Store.

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