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In a letter to Airtel’s Communications Department, farmers’ protests against the telecom company in Punjab and elsewhere demanded that Geo’s complaint be dismissed that their competitors were behind the attacks with a deserved tail. Airtel says Geo’s claims are baseless and disgusting. Airtel also asks for evidence Geo has in their case. Airtel demanded that Bharti disclose evidence of Airtel’s involvement in the problems facing Geo, otherwise their allegations will be rejected with due disdain.

In a letter to Communications Secretary Ancho Prakash, Airtel said it was aware of the December 28 complaint filed with Reliance Jio’s communications department. Airtel says it is aware that Reliance Jio services have been disrupted following the incitement of farmers in Punjab and Haryana. Geo filed a similar complaint against them in early December. Airtel says it has responded to that, too. Airtel Chief Regulatory Officer Rahul Watts said in a letter to Dot that allegations that Airtel was behind the farmers’ protest, and that it was sabotaging Geo’s network and thus gaining access to Geo subscribers, are outrageous.

Airtel also requested to note that Geo has provided no evidence of its involvement. In fact, they say they can’t help but laugh when they hear Geo believe they have the power to force Airtel to transfer its subscribers. Airtel says that if they had had this kind of power, they would have unleashed it in the past three years by the time Geo gained users.

Meanwhile, the letter to Geo Dot claims that most attempts to sabotage the geo-grid now in Punjab, Haryana and other parts of the country are part of a rude plan signed by rivals, retailers and channel partners for their competitors Airtel and Vodafone Idea. Geo claims that the fierce attacks on Geo are part of their constant attempt to take advantage of the ongoing peasant protests. Geo believed that the campaigns against them were aimed at transferring subscribers and controlling competitors after their services were destroyed.

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Geo claims the evidence they have received shows that Airtel channel partners and Vodafone Idea are involved in the hacking of their network. Geo claims that the attacks on Geo were not controlled by Airtel and Vodafone Idea. However, reports say a letter to Geo requesting proof of this has yet to be received. Meanwhile, Airtel claims Geo’s complaint against it is completely unethical. Therefore, they asked Dot to dismiss the complaint with all due respect. They also say that looking back at past events shows that it is Geo’s habit to make baseless claims. The company has come up with scams and threats to achieve its goals. Airtel blames recent developments.

They have been working in India for 25 years. They also say that they faced stiff competition. They have so far acted with transparency and personality. Airtel also states in its letter that Geo is a fake. Airtel also urges Dot to take note of the fact that Geo found time to write a letter containing some nonsense when they got started, including discussions about how to help Geo teams in trouble areas.

Airtel strongly condemned the disruption of telecom services. Communication is one of the most basic services. They also say the attacks against it are unlawful. They indicated that the government should commit to providing communication services without interruption and that they always argued.

English summary: Airtel writes to the Department of Transportation, saying the charges leveled by Geo against it are baseless and outrageous

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