The women of orange soccer will train against world champion USA

Archiefbeeld van de finale van het WK Foto: Orange Pictures

Egcelstein / Neogen – Dutch national footballers play a friendly match against the United States on November 27th. Orange meets the world champion at Rat Verlegh Stadium in Breda. This is the first time that the two countries have played against each other after the 2019 World Cup Final in Lyon, where the USA team was going strong 2-0.

The match will begin in Breda, where Neuig Sari Van Vindal and Eiselstein striker Shanis van de Sanden are likely to be in attendance, at 6.35 pm.

Oranje Lewinen, who is currently fourth in the FIFA classification, has not lost 12 consecutive matches since losing the World Cup Final with nine international matches and three draws. “Now that we qualify for the European Championship, we can focus completely on the Olympic Games next year,” says national coach Sarina Wegmann. “We can’t hope for a better start to those preparations with such a great opponent; it’s really a gauge moment to see where we’ve come. Of course it’s also very special because it’s a repeat of last year’s World Cup Final.”

Women in American football are ranked first in the FIFA ranking and the most successful team in the history of women’s football. They were present in all versions of the World Cup and each time they were awarded a medal: four gold, one silver and three bronze.

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