Yeah! Victoria’s Secret is coming to the Mall of the Netherlands and it is time

Yeah!  Victoria's Secret is coming to the Mall of the Netherlands and it is time

OMG, start cleaning your underwear wardrobe because Victoria’s Secret is coming to The Mall of the Netherlands. Finally the road is no longer to Amsterdam or Eindhoven for beauty Good things To store!

The store will open in the second half of this year. Not only will you find lingerie but also great perfumes, grooming products, and pajamas.


The official opening of the Holland Mall is currently taking place in October 2020, but activity is already in full swing. Shoppers already know where to find the former Leidsenhage: Mediamarkt, H&M, Apple Store, and Casa are just a few of the stores actually available at the moment.

In fact, only a quarter of the mall is left and it looks really massive. With Victoria’s Secret she has at least one more sexy jewel.

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