Fans of This Is Us rejoiced that the franchise is finally back

Fans of This Is Us rejoiced that the franchise is finally back

After a longer-than-usual hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this is us It’s officially back for season five. On Tuesday night, the latest season of the NBC series premiered two hours full of updates on the Pearson family. Since it’s been quite some time since fans have caught up with the series, they’re happy, understandably, that the show is finally back.

Unlike many other TV shows, the fourth season of this is us, The last season that aired in March, was unaffected by the pandemic as they were able to film the entire season. Production on the fifth season reportedly began in September. Before the series premiere, creator Dan Fogelman said The Hollywood Reporter He is “very excited – especially with what the world is like now – at this height, and I’d almost call it a rebirth coming in the next season.” He also shared that there will be “a lot of new starts” in Season 5 and that there will be “something big” happening in the season premiere.

As for fans of the popular series, they were simply happy to see her again on TV. Check out what fans are saying about the fifth season premiere this is us.

The smartest

Naturally, the fans experience all “emotions” upon return this is us. Many viewers of the show are especially excited to see the Pearson family return to work for the first time in months.


Feeling perfect

All is well in the world again with this is us Back for season five. Fans on Twitter are clearly thrilled that their favorite show is back to spread some joy (and perhaps to cause more than a few tears).


The best I can be

this is us It’s officially back with more drama and hopefully happy moments for the Pearson family. Based on what fans are already saying about the premiere, the show is better than ever at the moment.



this is us Fans flocked to Twitter to share their excitement about the show’s return. A fan used a gif to showcase exactly how he feels about the first show, and of course, there are many other people on the same page.



Seven months have passed since the new episode of this is us It aired on NBC. So, it is not surprising that fans were surprised to see the return of the series.


It feels right

As you can tell, it means a lot this is us Fans that the show is finally back. For some viewers, in particular, the mere fact of being able to see Pearsons again on their television screens again gives them a sense of the normality they lost amid this unprecedented time in the nation’s history during the coronavirus pandemic.

the previous

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