Fans flock to Tom Holland as Arvin Russell in Netflix’s The Devil All the Time

Peter Parker is a little far from the Queens. Actor Tom Holland, known for portraying the Marvel Spider-Man, played a completely different role in the Netflix original. Satan all the time. As a result, fans shared their love for his talent, new accent, and even his poetry.

Tom Holland in “Devil All The Time” | Glenn Wilson / Netflix

Netflix released their original movie, The Devil All the Time

After months of anticipation, Netflix released its mysterious thriller, Satan all the time On September 16th. This production stars a number of iconic and beloved actors, including Batman Robert Pattinson that Actor Bill Skarsgard, W. Captain America: The First Avenger Actor Sebastian Stan.

He is also a star Spider-Man: Homecoming And Spider-Man: Far From Home Actor Tom Holland known for portraying Peter Parker in the MCU.

He portrayed one of the main characters in this movie, Erwin Russell, who is determined to protect his loved ones at all costs. This proves to be a bit of a challenge in a city full of crooks, especially with a war-obsessed father the character looks up to.

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Fans shared their love for Tom Holland in the Netflix original movie

Once the movie made it to Netflix, fans took to social media, sharing their thoughts on the production. “Tom Holland” has become a popular topic on Twitter, with fans talking about everything from his acting to his accent to his new hairstyle.

“Tom Holland’s performance in this movie is exceptional. This is something we’ve never seen him do before and he’s awesome. Every time his character Arvin appears on screen, he’s totally attracted to him. The remaining actors are awesome too, there’s no downfall, but personally, I think Tom Holland has carried This movie, “a fan Rotten tomatoes Books about the movie.

“This movie is exceptional. It set high standards for crime films. Tom Holland was able to express a wide range of emotions and in good health as well. I think he deserves an Academy Award for his great performance,” another review said.

Tom Holland shared his thoughts on the movie

This is, in fact, a huge leap from Tom Holland’s recent projects, (Spies in disguise He starred alongside Will Smith, Disney and Pixar Onwards.As a result, he took to Instagram, and shared some pictures of him while filming.

“Working with this guy was an absolute pleasure,” writes Tom Holland, sharing photos with the director. “Satan all the time It was a big step for me and I can’t imagine anyone better doing it. “

Satan all the time Now available to stream on Netflix. To find out more about Tom Holland’s latest projects, including those with Marvel, visit his social media accounts.

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