Fans are campaigning for the new season Hannibal

Fans are campaigning for the new season Hannibal

Almost six years have passed since the last episode of Hannibal aired. A serial killer made his own series in 2013, in which he played Mads Mikkelsen. The show quickly built a loyal fan base, but NBC TV didn’t think it was enough to give the green light for another fourth season.

Since then, fans haven’t let her pass. There has been a procedure for some time to get the series back on the tube or on streaming service, but things are speeding up a little bit now. Via Twitter, fans have jointly started rewatching the series and have the hashtag in their hands #HannibalDeserves more Vulgaris. It remains to be seen if it will make an impact, but it certainly won’t be due to the passion of the fans.

Mads Mikkelsen is also for the new Hannibal

Not only do fans want to see a new season of Hannibal, the show’s crew is definitely looking forward to appearing in the shoes of the iconic characters again. This became evident when Hannibal appeared on Netflix in the US last year and then dominated the Top 10 Watched series for a long time. On the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Mads Mikkelsen then indicated that he would like to play Hannibal again.

Fan promotions can lead to new seasons of series that have been proven multiple times in the past. For example, the community has had several new seasons, in addition to The Expanse on Amazon Prime Video.

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