Famous American Artists Perform During Biden’s Inauguration | right Now

Famous American Artists Perform During Biden's Inauguration |  right Now

Many American celebrities praised the incoming president, Joe Biden, in an online show Wednesday evening (local time). The first started with Bruce Springsteen.

John Bon Jovi, John Legend, Faux Fighters, Demi Lovato and Justin Timberlake also participated in the ceremony in honor of Biden’s inauguration.

Springsteen performed the song from under the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington Land of hope and dreams I heard. Moments later, actor Tom Hanks takes the floor. “In the last few weeks, the last few years, we have witnessed a deep division and worrying bitterness in our country, but tonight we are rethinking the United States,” Hanks said.

“For some, inauguration is a tradition, an act that signifies adherence to a four-year mandate. In fact, Inauguration Day is more than just swearing in by incoming patriotic leaders. This day is about witnessing the American ideal.”

Biden also gave a short speech as part of a ceremonial program entitled Celebrating America. The new president said he was grateful. “As I said earlier today, today we learned that democracy is precious and democracy won because of you.”

“This is why Jill (Biden’s wife, Editor) and I, Kamala and Doug (Vice President Harris and her husband, Editor) wanted to make sure that our inauguration was not about us, it was about you, about the American people.”

After the online concert, a fireworks display was held near the Lincoln Memorial.

After the online concert, a fireworks display was held near the Lincoln Memorial.

After the online concert, a fireworks display was held near the Lincoln Memorial.

Photo: ANP

Recorded message from previous presidents

Toward the end of the program, a pre-recorded joint letter was delivered from former Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. “I think that the three of us talked about a peaceful transfer of power that shows the institutional integrity of our country,” said Bush, the only Republican in the party. He said he hoped Biden would succeed in the next four years.

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Clinton also wished Biden good luck. Obama stressed the importance of listening to opponents. Obama said, “One of my best memories of the inauguration was the grace and generosity that President Bush showed me and that Laura Bush showed Michelle.” “It reminded me that we can have sharp differences of opinion and still see the human in each other.”

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