Facebook still in court for alleged abuse of power

Facebook still in court for alleged abuse of power

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However, Facebook should go to court in the case that the US competition watchdog (FTC) has again brought against the social media platform for the alleged abuse of power. A judge has rejected a request by Facebook, part of Meta, to drop the case because the FTC’s allegations are now “more robust and detailed.”

According to the judge, the FTC collected enough facts to “make a Facebook monopoly reasonable.” In addition, according to the judge, the watchdog also made it sufficiently clear that Facebook not only held a monopoly position, but also “deliberately maintained it through non-competitive behavior.”

According to the FTC, Facebook has monopolized personal social networks in the US since 2011. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) also wants to break up Facebook and reverse its acquisitions of the social media platform Instagram in 2012 and the messaging service WhatsApp in 2014. In doing so, Facebook has He violated competition rules, according to the regulator, because the purchases eliminated companies as competitors.

The FTC’s case was initially dismissed by a judge due to insufficient evidence of cartel practices. Then the regulator was given a month to present more evidence. Facebook also found that FTC chairwoman Lena Khan, who was appointed by President Joe Biden, was highly biased, having previously posted about Facebook as a researcher and served on a House investigative committee investigating the tech company.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s company has long resisted the accusations and believes there is no monopolistic behaviour.

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