Extensive support for GroenLinks and PvdA to collaborate on shaping

Extensive support for GroenLinks and PvdA to collaborate on shaping

Party leader Jesse Claver made it clear at a party meeting with members in Utrecht that it was far from that. “There was no mention of that.”

Claver says cooperation is necessary because he does not want another right-wing government. According to him, if you want to radically change something, then join forces. “We will only judge if we can make a difference on the critical issues,” Representative Corinne Elimet said.

“GroenLinks Teleportation”

Among the more than two hundred attendees, there was very little criticism. However, there is a fear of losing the identity of the party. “Cooperation doesn’t take away your personality,” Claver said. He admits that the party is taking risks. But “only if we work together can we change the Netherlands”.

According to Claver, the formation is solid, rocky. According to him, this is due only to the VVD and CDA, which continue to exclude negotiations with two left-wing parties. Elmet spoke of “the arrogance of the right.”

Minority alliance?

“The political landscape is completely fragmented,” said political commentator Fritz Wester. “There are no large blocs, but many parties are less than ten or twenty seats. This makes the search for a working majority coalition difficult.” “If everyone stays in a hole like this and no one wants to jump over their shadow, then the minority alliance will be very close as the only viable solution.”

In the past, cooperation between the two parties was often discussed. According to Claver, something has now changed among social democrats that makes this possible. The PvdA also feels that there is a will to change the system.

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PvdA اجتماع Meeting

The PvdA also held a caucus today. He was also consulting members. A large majority of party members voted in favor of leftist cooperation (90%). A small majority (54 percent) voted against incorporating political groups.

Incidentally, the PvdA has yet to vote on a possible government with the VVD, says reporter Fleur Bremer.

It is better not to use Rutte

Party leader Blumen said she would like to have a government without Mark Root “but voters have spoken, and a government without a VVD is impossible.”

According to GroenLinks, there will also be cooperation with PvdA if there is no joint treasury. In opposition, joining forces is just as important, according to the GroenLinks commander. “It will have a very difficult opposition,” Claver said.

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