Exploring Star Shay Johnson’s Family Problems in Iyanla: Fix My Life’s Love & Hip Hop

Love and Hip H.Operations star Shay Johnson made another show on her reality TV belt when she and her family members appeared on the premiere Sunday night. Ianla: Fix my life.

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Shay and Emjay Johnson on “Love & Hip Hop: Miami”

Shay and Emjay (one of her siblings) both starred in Love and Hip Hop Franchise. Shay initially started out in the franchise as a supporting cast member Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta In the first two seasons of the show. She is back in the fold to star in the role Love and Hip-Hop: Miami. She is a cast member of the original cast on that sub-show, and starred in the three seasons of the show that have aired so far. Also, before Love and Hip HopShay was on reality TV once before. Featured on VH1’s The flavor of love, as long Magic School Like Buckeey. Joined Emjay Love and Hip Hop: Miami In its third season.

Iyanla Vanzant is trying to access the root

Shay, Emjay, and Joe, their other brother, appeared on a two-hour episode of Ianla: Fix my life. They have confronted their mother about some long standing family issues.

According to an official description of the episode provided by the network:

Reality star Shay Johnson is no stranger to the cameras and conflict, but when it comes to addressing divisions in her family – well, that’s totally different. When she asks for help from Eanla to mend her severed relationship with her mother and siblings, the work required may be more than Shay bargained for.

Before the episode, Madame Noir released an exclusive clip of the episode, in which the brothers are shown talking to Eanla about their mother and sister after the first day of recording.

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“All I saw yesterday is what I see on a regular basis,” Emgai told Fanzant. “I saw my mom, when you talk to her or say certain things, try to blow her off or make you feel like that’s not really all. It’s not really true. It’s not what you’re feeling. It makes me not want to have certain conversations because I know the reaction.”

When the conversation takes a turn to place too much of the blame on family troubles tea, Vansant says the root of the problem doesn’t specifically lie with their sister.

Your mom said more mean than a wet cat. “I’m not talking about your mom but I’m talking about this behavior. I see it in your sister. You can’t solve the problem if you don’t know what the problem is. You think the problem is tea. It’s not … all of you explain it one way or the other. Shay is acting, you have to. You run and run. “

Ianla: Fix my life It airs weekly on OWN.

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