Explorers cut to the public: The green left offers more space in immigration policy

Explorers cut to the public: The green left offers more space in immigration policy

A clip in documents published for previous explorers shows that GroenLinks wants to be more flexible in the field of immigration policy compared to its previous formation in 2017. At that time, negotiations with GroenLinks about immigration and integration, including EU deals, have stalled, but GroenLinks does not intend to “operate.” That “or” make it big. “

According to the notes, GroenLinks would like to govern and foreman Klaver is in favor of adding a fifth party due to the majority in the Senate. It can also be read that the PvdA puts a second left party as a condition for participation in the government. It also says the VVD sees immigration and integration a “hot topic with D66”.

CDA stability

The documents sent to the House of Representatives also refer to the topic of “CDA Fracture”. Previously, the note “Omtzigt mode, a post elsewhere” was readable on the image. Especially since the last clip led to a lot of turmoil and the scouts resigned from their duties.

The House of Representatives wants a debate about the failed poll and has previously demanded that various documents be sent to the House of Representatives. Then Goritsma and Olangren sent a pile of notes to the House of Representatives. Also includes notes like “MR and SK Personal Contact (Editors Mark Rutte and Sigrid Cage), “The CDA’s Role in Party Selection”, “PVV: Tie (First Meeting with CDA Wanted)”, and “VVD-D66-CDA Without Scouts”.

Ask the Volkskrant if Omtzigt can be kept for the CDA

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Also referred to as “Media Image” in the appendices. It concerns, among other things, a segment in Volkswagen Krant, in which the question arises whether Omtzigt will be kept for the CDA. The article was quoted as saying, “Someone will have to cross their shadow if Omtzigt is to stay to break the CDA.”

According to the House of Representatives, the documents are not complete and interview reports should also be made public. Olongren said afterwards that she and Guritsma had sent all the documents she still had at her disposal. At the chamber’s request, Arib said it would require new scouts (Colmis and Van Arc) to publish all documents in their possession.

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