Exhibition “The Henny Huisman Show” – Medemblik Current

Exhibition “The Henny Huisman Show” - Medemblik Current

trumpet – The Horn Twentieth Century Museum is showing an exhibition from March 19 to October 30, 2022 entitled “The Henny Huisman Show”. Based on countless items of clothing, landscapes, portraits, and awards, it features a portrait of the North Hollander character who once started as the drummer for pop group Lucifer but rose to fame in the ’80s and ’90s as the creator and host of the pop band. and Playbackshow and Soundmixshow.

Henny Huisman was discovered by Joop van den Ende when he was allowed to announce André Hazes. He incorporated his love for music into various programs, such as Driver (Mini) and Sound Mix show. Several Soundmixshow participants became known: Marco Borsato, Helmut Lotti, Edsilia Rombley and Gerard Joling, among others. Huisman has also been successful with Surprise Show.

Private collection in the museum

The gallery includes all kinds of things from Huisman’s private collection, such as part of the décor of the Mini Playback Show with the famous “shop” where kids pick their clothes, various gold records, clothing pieces, Televizier gold rings and lots of newspaper clippings and photos. But also his own drum kit from Lucifer’s time, “Het Kijk Rating Kanon” he got from RTL4 and the stable where his horse Snuitje always stands. and application letters in which Henny was told that his ideas were nothing but his jackets from Soundmixshow, Miniplaybackshow and Postcode Lottery. Even Judge Paul Polletje will be present.

Henny Huisman effect

Over 6 million Dutch people watched Henny Huisman’s complete Soundmix show in 1988. The moment the lines opened, over a million viewers wanted to vote by phone at the same time. The Dutch telephone network was down for part of that evening. The “Henny Huisman Effect” has become the name under which the national telephone network is shut down due to sudden overload.

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Hall of Fame

“The Henny Huisman Show” is reminiscent of the Hall of Fame phenomenon in the United States. Inside the gallery is also a Hall of Fame with celebrities Heisman was allowed to pose for a photo with. From Madonna to Michael Jackson. The presenter is very pleased with the exhibition at the Museum of the Twentieth Century and has recorded a guided tour for AudioTour so that it is almost a personal tour of each visitor’s career. It was all in his attic, then it was on display in Hoogeveen for a few years and now the exhibition is in Hoorn. Henny’s a little proud.

Kids TV

According to director Hans Stuijfbergen, it is no surprise that Henny Huisman’s collection is now on display in a museum: “We pay more attention to popular culture and his programs have been controversial. He had viewing numbers that people now look at with envy and countless programs today that derive from the formulas he gave Henny in our country.Moreover, it also fits well with our other exhibition “70 Years of KinderTelevisie.”

The Twentieth Century Museum in Hoorn is exhibiting the exhibition “The Henny Huisman Show” from March 19 to October 30, 2022. The Museum of Nostalgia is located in a former prison in Het Oostereiland near the atmospheric port of Hoorn. For information, including parking, visit www.museumhoorn.nl. The National Museum Card is valid at the Museum. The autographed autobiography “Heaney” is for sale in the museum shop.

Photo (C): William Rotten

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