European Championship: A clear cross by Jeannick Bonzader

European Championship: A clear cross by Jeannick Bonzader

Seven clear groups

Course creator Mike Etherington Smith couldn’t have made it easy for riders with this cross. Only 7 out of 67 groups were scanned and within the time limit. Including Briton Nicola Wilson of JL Dublin. She stayed on her dressage score of 20.9 penalty points and is now top of the rankings. Germany’s Ingrid Klimk got 1.2 penalty points with Sapp Hell Bob. She is the second, followed by the French Maxime Liviu.

NL . team

25-year-old Yannick Bonzadir from Rainswood has already competed in four European Championships with the youth, but is running her first European Championship with the seniors in Switzerland. She was the only one in the Dutch team to stay clear at 28 years old with ACSI Champ de TailleurNS In the meantime. “I’m so glad we got home without zero, especially after the disappointment in Tokyo. It went well. I can also get a nice rhythm. The cross certainly wasn’t easy, with big jumps and a lot of turns. You had to react quickly. Great. Then things don’t go that fast in the end.” Janneke received 12.4 penalty points for overstaying. Half a minute is too long, but today it was also hard to get the time. You can also move really fast, but then the stakes are higher. I wanted to go to zero for the team and for myself. I Glad that worked. My horse also came off a super fit cross and recovered quickly. If we jump well tomorrow, the weekend won’t be so good.”

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Leave Dae Jong

Sanne de Jong (Aalsmeer) and Enjoy started well, but unfortunately had problems with the 9B hitch. At first, the group received a “missed mark” on that leap. Sanne was stopped at hurdle 15, because the jury debated whether it wasn’t a “missed jump.” Five minutes later, she was allowed to pass, because it was a “lost science”. After three obstacles, she was suspended because the jury changed its mind again. In the end, this meant exclusion. Teammate Meryl Bloom (Alton) rode a strong lap with The Quizmaster, but had a previous sprinter on the same obstacle, 9B. In addition, they got time errors and dropped to 46. In the middle rankingNS place. Jordi Wilkin and Bury Spirit had a misunderstanding in Hurdle 4 but recovered well. The rider from Olst is currently 54 years oldNS.

Nations Cup

There are few changes compared to dressage in the top three at the Nations Cup. Great Britain is still in the lead. Germany comes in second, followed by France. The Dutch team fell to eleventh place after the cross.
Tomorrow the final segment for the contestants is on the programme. Jumping starts at 11 am. Medals will then be distributed.

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Source: KNHS

Photo: Digishots

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