Eneco discontinues direct sales of energy contracts | right Now

Eneco discontinues direct sales of energy contracts |  right Now

The energy supplier Eneco will no longer sell door-to-door energy contracts, according to a Hans Peters report from the company Wednesday to ad. Since the shutdown, sales of the doors have ceased and the power supply decided not to restart it if possible again.

“We see clients who are exposed door to door as intrusive and intrusive,” says Peters. “After all, sellers can earn a lot, but then because of the rewards they can get by selling a lot. The will to perform encourages fraud within the sector.”

According to Peters, door-to-door sales no longer match the company’s standards and values. Eneco employs sixty door vendors.

At the end of 2019, energy company door sellers made headlines due to misleading and troubled door sales. Door vendors sell contracts to old clients, who sometimes suffer from dementia, or pretend to be a “tariff watcher” or “network operator”.

Then the Cabinet threatened measures or even a ban on door sales. “I prefer not to ban everything, but such practices should be banned,” said Mona Keizer, Minister of Foreign Affairs for Economic and Climate Affairs.

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