Elon Musk explains why excessive range is bad

Elon Musk explains why excessive range is bad


And what is its height? Domain?– A question asked during discussions about electric cars It is usually provided quickly. You shouldn’t focus too much on domain information, like that CEO of Tesla You know.

Elon Musk He has now explained in a Twitter post why having a very large selection in electric cars is pointless and bad. Tesla would have had a Model S with a range nearly a year ago 1000 km It can build, Musk writes.

Higher range means higher weight

In his opinion, the car will have it getting worseBecause you do 99.9 percent of the time Too much battery mass unnecessarily have crossed the area. The long term is mainly related to the high battery capacity, which is high weight calendar.

will do accelerationto me driving behaviorhandling and above all else efficiency not good. “Even our electric car, which has a range of more than 400 miles, is more than what it needs most,” the Tesla CEO wrote.

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