Elon Musk as presenter on SNL leads to angry reactions

Elon Musk als presentator bij SNL leidt tot boze reacties

In the end, it remains to be seen how Elon Musk acts as a TV presenter during SNL and if that is really bad.

Angry viewers have been outraged by the US TV show Saturday Night Live (SNL). Complaints rain on social media as a result of the announcement of the program. SNL announced on Twitter that Elon Musk will be present as the presenter on May 8, with the musical input of Miley Cyrus.

Incredible Musk surrounds a group of fans of his Twitter profile with his adorable and sometimes funny tweets, but SNL viewers are clearly not waiting for the Tesla CEO’s arrival. Some of the reactions on social media refer to statements that Musk made not long ago. For example, Elon Musk announced a year ago that the Coronavirus is not that dangerous.

The show will be broadcast on May 8. After that, it can be judged whether Elon Musk as a TV presenter can bring the fun. Or, it was really a wrong choice to produce SNL. Saturday Night Live has been running in the United States since 1975. It’s a very popular comic show full of graphics. The show has a long list of famous people who have performed there.

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