Earth wants to get away from quick feelings

Earth wants to get away from quick feelings

TheAnd the It is a movie that has many predecessors but is completely unique. The story of a middle-aged woman who, after a traumatic event, decides to leave home and live “off the grid” – without electricity and running water (so no mobile phone), but in her case not even a car drive from the abandoned mountain hut where she resides in the nearest village – reminds us Wild With Reese Witherspoon or Austrian the wall. But Earth It is more simple. Through scattered flashbacks, something here and there is revealed about Edee’s motives for leaving the world behind. But the debut of actress Robin Wright, who played the lead role, is mainly happening at the moment, and deals with the question: How do you survive?

During an interview with Zoom earlier this year, she told Wright how she’s been following the TV series house of paper (of which she also directed ten episodes) She was looking for a script for her directorial debut: Earth About three years ago when there was a mass shooting somewhere in the United States almost every day. I woke up almost every morning wondering how an extremist would deal with such a violent loss of a loved one. Now, after living for a year during a pandemic, this question is important in a different way. What is human resilience? The answer is different for everyone. what moved me Earth It is that it does not happen without the help of others, and it is not without empathy and empathy for the other. Concepts that seemed to have been completely eradicated in the United States in recent years.”

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It was not immediately certain that Wright himself would play the main role. This was actually due to that other hero: the majestic scene of the Shoshone National Forest in Canada where the movie was supposed to be shot, but even during the short filming period, the scene changes enough to simulate the four seasons the movie goes through. Wright: “Once funding became available, we had exactly 48 hours to send and leave for Canada. Then the producers said: You or you won’t work.” It had both advantages and disadvantages that it had a role with hardly any script, as she, like the main character, was mostly on her own. Most of what directors do is figure out how to talk to their actors about what they want to achieve. “At least I knew that.”

She shot the scene from Eddie’s perspective: “At first you don’t see her, then it’s dangerous, and only then, when she starts to treat herself again, can she see how beautiful it is.” The twist in her story is her encounter with another lonely soul: fisherman Miguel, played by Mexican actor Demian Bashir (known for his role as Fidel Castro in Steven Soderbergh). who – which On The Hateful Eight).

tears of fear

It finds it when the smoke from its chimney is as weak as its life energy. Later you will ask, “Why are you helping me?” His answer “I came on my way” and this indicates the nature of her friendship with this man who also carries a secret with him. He just teaches her to survive. Together, their voices roar among the mountains as they sing “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears for Fears. This sounds a lot more sentimental than it is, because the movie tries so hard to get away from the quickie. Even Eddie keeps something puzzling to the end. Wright: “You could even say that her withdrawal from the world is a very selfish thing. She runs for herself, but also for the people around her. But what I loved is that she doesn’t wallow in her grief.”

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