Earned “A Quiet Place Part II” in one weekend more than “Tenet” overall

Earned "A Quiet Place Part II" in one weekend more than "Tenet" overall

It doesn’t look bad for the US box office. It seems that it is slowly returning to its original condition and heading back towards a better condition than it was last year. All thanks to the quick vaccinations.

After four days at the US box office, A Quiet Place II appears to be making $ 58.5 million. That’s more than the first film obtained during its opening weekend ($ 50.2 million), but most importantly: Tenet also managed to collect it at the US box office a little more.

Slow recovery
This, of course, is not in the direction of the film Tenet. When it premiered in the United States on August 26, 2020, not all cinemas were open, so the film struggled to make a major contribution to the writing of the books. Ultimately, the blockbuster movie opened with $ 9.3 million to finish with $ 58.4 million.

Quiet Place Part Two On the opening weekend (which is quite long due to Memorial Day) I managed to amass a ton more. It looks like we can slowly return to the movie-sector recovery.

Here in the Netherlands cinemas are also opening again and we can finally watch movies on the silver screen again.

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