EA buys video game developer F1 codemasters for $ 1.2 billion

EA buys video game developer F1 codemasters for $ 1.2 billion
T-Mobile is investing in the drone racing league through a 5G partnership


Andrew Cohen

T-Mobile has signed a multi-year deal to become the exclusive partner for 5G wireless network in the United States. T-Mobile Ventures, a fund that supports startups developing products that work on 5G, invested in the Drone Racing League as part of the deal.

The drones developed during the 2021 season DRL Allianz World Championship (fly?) Will be operating on T-Mobile’s 5G network, with the goal of using 5G drones during the competition. Companies are committed to developing new experiences for drone racing fans that use 5G technology. DRL races are broadcast on NBC, NBC Sports Network, Facebook, and Twitter.

“We have invested in DRL to support innovation in two large and growing markets – drones and tech-powered sports – and we can’t wait to ship both of them with T-Mobile 5G,” said Neville Ray, head of technology at T-Mobile.

Founded in 2015, DRL traditionally races in private spaces as professional pilots navigate obstacle courses while wearing goggles that broadcast live video from a camera installed on their drone.

However, due to COVID-19, this year’s DRL Allianz World Championship season has shifted online with pilots competing remotely via the league’s drone racing simulator The schedule and format for the 2021 season has yet to be announced. T-Mobile will also help create Educational content about 5G for DRL Academy, the league’s STEM program led by former NBA star Chris Bush.

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