Dutch vacationers from TUI stayed in Egypt for several days

Dutch vacationers from TUI stayed in Egypt for several days

Dutch vacationers who traveled with TUI were detained in Egypt for about four days. This concerns 180 passengers, almost all of whom booked an all-inclusive vacation in the coastal resorts of Hurghada and Marsa Alam on the Red Sea.

The Dutch were supposed to fly to Amsterdam last Saturday, but were told shortly before the flight that the plane could not leave for technical reasons. TUI said the flight will depart the next day. On Sunday evening, the problems were still unresolved and passengers were sent back to the hotel hours later.

Also on Monday, prior to departure at the airport, passengers were informed that their flight would not take place. Today, on the fourth day, TUI has sent a new plane from Amsterdam to Hurghada, so that the flight can depart. TUI arranged an all-inclusive hotel for an additional 3 nights vacationers had to stay in Egypt.

Wait three days

Passengers Now on her way to Holland. “We had to wait five to six hours at the airport without any information, and then we were sent to the hotel,” said one of the deceived vacationers. “That’s three days in a row.” The 33-year-old woman from Rotterdam, who prefers to remain anonymous, has been on vacation in Egypt for eight days.

Vacationers were informed through text messages. The woman sees the “incredible” course of events. “This is not a long holiday. There are people here with children and old people,” the woman said as she left.

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unusual delay

TUI calls it “a particularly unfortunate sequence of events”. A company spokesperson said that technical issues appeared to have been resolved after the first day, but that technical issues were identified again on the second and third days shortly before departure. There were also problems with the Egyptian authorities.

Some passengers have already left earlier today on other flights. The spokesperson said this degree of delay was unusual and that TUI would “significantly compensate” for passengers.

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