Dutch speed demon flashes at 246 km/h in France and police suspect ‘cannon shell race’ | the cars

Dutch speed demon flashes at 246 km/h in France and police suspect 'cannon shell race' |  the cars

For the second time in a few days, French police have given a stop sign to a Dutch motorist after he was shot at extremely high speed. This time it happened near La Rochelle. The speed demon was not driving on a highway but on a national road (national road) and that wasn’t the only cool thing.

Motorcycle officers from the brigade in La Rochelle light an Aston Martin, driven by a 25-year-old Dutchman, on Tuesday afternoon at a speed of at least 246 kilometers per hour on the RN 11 motorway near La Laigne, about 35 kilometers northeast Coastal city, Atlantic Ocean. The corrected speed was 233 kilometers per hour. The maximum permissible speed is 110 kilometers per hour and in some parts only 90 kilometers per hour, according to French media.

Road users who know the location in question know there is a fixed-speed camera, but the Dutchman didn’t. The officers confiscated his driver’s license and ordered him to pay a fine of 1,500 euros on the spot. Usually, the car is also confiscated in such a huge violation of speed, but the twenty-something was not an Aston Martin owner. It was in the name of his father who was also in the car and took the lead. “Thanks to this Dutch driver, now without a license, we are convinced that unscrupulousness and stupidity are universal!” the gendarmes wrote in a message accompanied by a photo of the car on Twitter.

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According to the police, the car came with the company from the direction of Nior and was among a group of about ten sports cars. ,, they all had a Dutch license plate and looked a bit similar. “They were all large-displacement cars,” Police Chief Sebastien Letelier told France 3 public channel.

, we suspected it was the so-called cannonball race, but we couldn’t prove it. This “cannon ball” consists of a group of powerful cars that cross certain roads or countries in record time. In this case they went to southern Europe. We just found this speed violation and couldn’t prove they were racing.”

According to him, motorists often tend to press the gas pedal very deeply on the road in question. “It has been proven again!” said Letelier.


Last weekend, the 29-year-old Dutch speed demon had to give up his driver’s license after a major speeding ticket in France. The Lamborghini Urus he drove on the Paris-Bordeaux motorway on Saturday night appeared at a speed of 222 kilometers per hour. The corrected speed of the car was 210 kilometers per hour. There is a speed limit of 130 kilometers per hour on site. Usually the car is also confiscated, but that didn’t happen in this case because the Lamborghini wasn’t his car either.

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At the end of March, a 27-year-old Dutchman appeared near Nancy at a speed of 215 kilometers per hour, where a maximum of 130 kilometers was allowed. Twenty people were driving a rented SUV on the A31 (Burgundy-Luxembourg) motorway in the direction of Nancy and were arrested near the Motro in the province of Murthy and Moselle. After correction, the speed remained at 204 kilometers per hour. In addition to having his driver’s license withdrawn, this resulted in a fine of 1,000 euros. Since none of his passengers had a driver’s license, the group had to continue in a taxi.

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