Dutch climber rescued from famous rock wall in northern Italy | Abroad

Dutch climber rescued from famous rock wall in northern Italy |  Abroad

An Italian mountain rescue team rescued a Dutch tourist, on Thursday, who was stuck in one of the most famous and climbing rock faces in northwestern Italy.

The woman was busy with her husband La Roca de Bertec To ascend, a slope of about 200 meters in height in the municipality of Finale Ligure, between Genoa and the French border. In the afternoon she could no longer go up and down. The climber shouted at her husband, who had already reached the summit, that she needed help.

Mountain rescue team from the Liguria region escorted by elements of firefighters. With the help of a rescue helicopter they manage to free the unfortunate climber from her predicament. The Dutchwoman was then taken with her husband to the municipal sports stadium, after which the two went home, regional news site IVG reported on Facebook.

It is unclear why women can no longer rise or fall. “Maybe due to illness or the difficulty of the rock wall,” the newspaper’s news site wrote. Liguria Oji. The warning reads: “Experts recommend not to experience rock faces beyond your capabilities and level of exercise, and do not underestimate heat and depression when planning climbs and excursions.”

La Roca dei Berti. © Wikimedia Commons/Louis Garden

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