Top Three Law Schools in Europe

Top Three Law Schools in Europe

Royd Mahboub

Hello dear readers! My name is Royd Mahboub. I am a third year law student at the Free University. Initially I started my career with International Business and Languages ​​Management. When I enrolled in the Business Law course, I knew for sure: I want to study law! Then I got my introductory degree from HBO studying law, in order to leave for university. In addition to studying, I work for a legal aid shop Bijlmermeer. Law is a very dynamic study in which you, as a law student, are at the heart of society. After all, the law can be found in every aspect of society. My interest in law is broad. I have a keen interest in constitutional, international, political and social issues. Civil law topics, such as property law and contract law, also appeal to me. My goal is to work for a large international company. When I tell people that I study law, I often get answers like: “Isn’t that too boring?” , or “You certainly know the whole law book by heart.” Through my blogs, I want to change this stereotype about law (students)! I also want to keep the reader abreast of the latest legal developments in an accessible manner. Advice, questions and suggestions are always welcome. I can be reached at [email protected]

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