‘Dune’ is on its way to dominating this year in terms of the box office

'Dune' is on its way to dominating this year in terms of the box office

Dune’s box office is going really well. Director Denis Villeneuve’s film performance is measured by two things: the box office and the film’s popularity on HBO Max.

The movie is out in theaters this month. It works fine there. (Although the film has yet to be released in the US, where it won’t be available until October 22.) The release of the film is a big deal, as it’s the latest addition from Warner Bros. to the list of mixed editions.

good performance
We previously wrote that the international version of Dune It certainly did not disappoint. In 24 markets, the film grossed $36.8 million and was number one at the box office almost everywhere.

with that runs Dune On track to become the best-performing film of the year.

If you compare the international box office, the film does 4 percent better than Tenet in its first week. But also 33 percent better than Black Widow, 58 percent better than Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings and 80 percent better than Godzilla vs. Kong.

That’s fine anyway for the international version Dune And the movie is on its way to doing well enough to produce The second part to justify.

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