Duane ‘Dog’ fiancée Chapman’s Francie France posts an adorable photo of the star with her grandson

Duane 'Dog' fiancée Chapman's Francie France posts an adorable photo of the star with her grandson

Fransi Fran, Duane “Doug” Chapman’s fiancée, published a new post Tuesday, in which the reality TV star appears in an unfamiliar location to those who used to see Chapman chase criminals. The Bounty Hunter dog And the Wanted dog. Chapman is spotted with one of Fran’s grandchildren. Fran will co-star with Chapman in his new series, The dog unleashed, Which will be available exclusively on the new version of Unleashed! Broadcast platform in January.

Fran’s new photo showed Chapman wearing sunglasses inside pointing to a computer that Fran’s grandson was using. “I love these two boys,” Fran wrote, adding a heart emoji. Chapman shared the photo on his Instagram page as well, and fans loved seeing a new side of him. One wrote, “So glad you found love – I don’t think you were born to be alone – you have a loving spirit! It is better if Francie is good with you.” “Nice picture aaaawwww !!! The dog is so cool !!!” Another added.

A fan indicated that Chapman looked healthier than he did in the past, and that could be attributed to Fran. In September, Chapman told … daily Mail Fran pushed him to quit smoking and eat healthy food. After Chapman’s health scare in Fall 2019, Dr. Muhammad Oz also told Chapman that he needed to make big changes in life. He said at the time Entertainment tonight Oz “scared me” by smoking, and his children also tried to convince him.

Chapman and Fran are also working on the Dog Unleashed program, which will follow Chapman and his team as they track down wanted fugitives. In an interview with Culture Pop ArtChapman promised that there would be “controversy” with the show. Chapman said he was “restrained” and told what he hadn’t been able to do on his previous shows. Now, he has full control. I say [the film team] “Just shut up and go … we’re going to start some argument, and I think I’m the boss of that,” Chapman said. This is the next chapter in my life, and I will go out with a bang. “

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Fran and Chapman became engaged in May, less than a year after his wife Beth Chapman died after a battle with lung and throat cancer. Chapman talked about having a big wedding, but Chapman said Fran convinced him to keep it “for family and close friends only.” He would still be photographed for fans though. The couple has not set a date yet.

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