‘Drive to Survive should have added value for F1’

'Drive to Survive should have added value for F1'

Netflix Documentary Series campaign to survive It’s a great success, said Stefano Domenicali, president of Formula 1, but the series’ survival depends on the added value it can continue to provide to Formula 1.

The fourth season of the Netflix documentary series will be released next week campaign to survive† The Netflix crew follows the iconic figures of Formula 1 and it has already led to many unforgettable moments. Haas F1 team boss Günther Steiner has become a real hero with his eye-catching comments and F1 fans have given a glimpse into the mutual feud between Red Bull and engine supplier Renault.

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The series also attracted many new fans to Formula 1. The United States Grand Prix, one of the new markets envisaged for Formula 1 racing, was the busiest weekend race ever with 400,000 spectators. There is also criticism from the veteran fan, who points out that the series is often too sexy and exaggerated. Stefano Domenicali, President of Formula 1, is thrilled with the success of the Netflix series, but warns against it campaign to survive It must continue to provide added value if it is to produce more seasons.

“There is no doubt about that campaign to survive It had an amazing impact, especially on new audiences as well as in new markets like the United States,” continues Domenicali Motorsport.com Quoted in a conversation with Wall Street analysts. Domenicali promises them that the new season will be an enjoyable one, thanks in part to the fierce title battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

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Domenicali is therefore lauded, but the series’ continued existence – in its current form – is not guaranteed. “It’s important that we continue to work with our friends on Netflix as long as we believe it’s a differentiating factor. If it becomes just another way of talking about Formula 1 without adding anything, not adding value to the F1 platform, maybe it’s better to renegotiate and see what we can do better. Different in the future. Do,” said Domenicali, who concludes by emphasizing that Netflix has played an important role in the growth of Formula 1. The fourth season of campaign to survive It will be released on Netflix on March 11 and will consist of ten episodes.

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