Dow and Standard & Poor’s Boost Records; Outperforms NXP | Financial

Dow and Standard & Poor's Boost Records;  Outperforms NXP |  Financial

The Dow Jones Index closed 0.5% higher, hitting a record high of 32,968 points. The S & P500 rose 0.7% to a fresh high of 3,968 points. Nasdaq Tech Grant increased 1% to 13,459 points. Due to the start of Daylight Saving Time in America last weekend, Wall Street has started trading at 2.30 PM (Netherlands time).

After President Biden signed a massive rescue package, he had already begun distributing checks to American residents this weekend.

Focus on the Federal Reserve

The US Central Bank will issue an interest rate decision later this week. The Fed is likely to continue to insist on maintaining the monetary stimulus for a long time to come to support the US economy.

NXP up 9% Dutch chipmaker is hugely benefiting from its upcoming upgrade to S & P500.

Electric vehicle maker Tesla, which has shown an erratic picture in recent weeks, is headed for a 2% rally. CEO Elon Musk earned the nickname “The Technoking of Tesla”. Moreover, Chief Financial Officer Zachary Kirkhorn has been appointed “King of Coin”.

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