“Don’t wish it on my worst enemy.”

"Don't wish it on my worst enemy."

The world has known Camila since the 1970s. First as the girlfriend of Crown Prince Charles, then as his mistress and great rival to Princess Diana. Since 2005, she has also been the wife of the Prince of Wales, who slowly but surely crept into the hearts of Britons with her kindness and kindness.

Ray mill

There is something Camila has always kept to herself. She lives with Prince Charles at Clarence House and at his Highgrove country house, but has always kept her own home: Ray Mill in Wiltshire. There she relaxes in her own environment without being “watched” by people and can “return to herself”. She makes scrambled eggs on her Agha and keeps her grandchildren busy. She is a fan of the Scandinavian police series and enjoys reading books by Robert Harris and Susan Hill.

Horse used in farms

Camila works hard and makes many business visits, noting that she is always cheerful. “Sometimes you wake up in the morning thinking you can’t handle it, but you just have to,” she says. mail on sunday. “The moment you stop, you run out of energy and you collapse. I think you live on adrenaline. If you are a positive person, you can do a lot. For some, the glass is always half empty, others half full. I am always still an optimist. You just have to keep going.” Being British!”

Camilla with her great love Charles during the 2022 Royal Ascot Festival. Photo: BrunoPress

Hard Time

By the time Camilla (then married to Andrew Parker Bowles) resumed her relationship with Charles, she said she was a “prisoner in her own home” for fear of hostile public reaction and journalistic mosquitoes. They knew no bounds, and would ring the bell every few minutes and bang the windows to get her out. Diana-Hoss was in her prime at the time. Camilla was seen as the “other woman” who sparked a “fantasy wedding”. It didn’t help that Diana christened her a Rottweiler.

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Camilla spent a lot of time reading and learning to draw, “although the latter was not a great success.” “I really had nowhere to go,” she says. So I decided to make the most of my time by reading all the books I wanted to read. The kids (she has a son Tom and a daughter Laura from Andrew) came and went as always as well as best friends. But it was horrific. It was a very unpleasant period and I wouldn’t do that to my worst enemy.”

no study ball

While Camila wouldn’t describe herself as “cruel,” she admits she has a strong personality. “It also has to be done for survival, but it also stems from my upbringing. I come from a happy family and I can’t complain about my childhood, because it was poetic. I thank Heaven for the way I was brought up with basic skills and manners. It seems a bit arrogant, especially now , but we left school when we were 16. Nobody went to college unless you were really into studying. Instead, we went to Paris and Florence and learned about life and culture. How to behave with people and how to talk to them. That was an integral part of My upbringing, had I not had it, royal life would have been much more difficult for me.”

Camilla people

Do what you love most: meet new people. Photo: BrunoPress

honest and funny

Today, Camilla is the second oldest female royal in the United Kingdom after the Queen. Each year she makes more than 200 business visits, including grueling international official trips with Charles. She curbs his tendency to overwork and has shown over the past twelve years why he loves her so much: she may not be the epitome of magic, but she is warm, emotional, and funny. “Humour is important,” she says. “Laughter puts a lot into perspective. There are situations where it is hard not to laugh, especially when something is completely wrong and everyone freezes for a moment. Then it is important to swallow and push yourself just as hard not to laugh.”

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business visit

Camila during a working visit to Jordan, November 2021. Photo: BrunoPress

Nosy Parker

It helps that Charles really loves her (he calls her “my dear wife”) and Camilla is curious. “I really like people and always want to know what moves them,” she says. “Other people’s lives are always more exciting than yours. At a formal dinner, I almost feel like a psychiatrist, the way I hear everyone else. My team sometimes gets shocked when I don’t want to read their preparations because I prefer hearing things from the people themselves. I can write a book about the stories that Come “.

Source: Beau Monde Archive | Photo: BrunoPress

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