The fifth Dutch jump team in the World Cup

The fifth Dutch jump team in the World Cup

De Wittegheit’s team won fifth place at the World Vaulting Championship in Herning. On the 19-year-old KWPN rider, the team completed a total score of 7,402. The victory went to the German national team, which scored 8,614 goals. France won the silver and Switzerland the bronze.

The day before the TeamNL jump ended with an amazing performance by De Wittegheit in the team competition. They had a rating of 8,076 for their freestyle, which raised their final score to 7.402 and that was good for a fifth place in the final World Cup standings.

Small points of interest

How does trainer Meta Jans look back on Freestyle? “It went well. There are still some minor points here and there that we can work on before the Nations Cup on Wednesday but we really enjoyed it. Our horse Wim ran well and got into the rhythm well. The team was one with the horse. Very nice to work with. We Also we set a personal record here. We’ve only hit number eight once before, but we’ve never hit it that big today. There’s even more in it for Wednesday. We can do some fine-tuning here and there and make the lines smoother at first. But the ending was really exceptional, that was just a hit. Freestyle is really our specialty and that’s why we got higher grades in this part than in the compulsory part. Now I have to say we have really improved the duty since the start of the season but there is still more work to be done. To be done. On Wednesday we just have to show the freestyle swimming during the Nations Cup. Then our score is added to the performance of the two soloists and that results in a joint final score.”

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free for teams

Meta explains exactly how Freestyle is created: “Before we can demonstrate such a freestyle at a major tournament, we have a long way to go at home. We first make the freestyle in our head, then try to do it on the floor and practice on a steady buck. When we’ve mastered it. A little, we will practice on a moving barrel and only then we will apply the freestyle to the horse. It always looks so amazing to the viewers. There are many aspects involved. First, you need the feeling of the horse because we do everything in cooperation with the horse. It also requires strength, agility and expression. Telling A story together on a horse. It should happen to an audience.”


Source: KNHS

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