Amazon ends Prime service – users lose the popular function of the alternative

Amazon ends Prime service - users lose the popular function of the alternative

Amazon is known for its fast delivery – especially with a Prime subscription. The group offers more services – but soon less.

Germany – Ordered Today, Will Be In The Mailbox Tomorrow: The express delivery service from Amazon Prime attracts many customers. In 2021, the company’s membership reached 200 million members. But the group doesn’t just keep customers by serving orders. Prime Video, Amazon Music, Amazon Drive, or Prime Reading are just a few of the other shows. However, one thing is now turned off.

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Amazon will discontinue Prime in 2023 – the alternative is missing a popular feature

With Amazon Drive, users can save their data to the cloud, not just photos and videos — as with Amazon Photos — other popular file types can also be stored there. or can. Because the drive service will soon be discontinued, as the digital giant has now announced.

This is supposed to cause some customers to burp, after all, Amazon only recently increased prices for Prime memberships. Amazon justified the decision in a Q&A on the website: “We take the opportunity to focus our efforts more on Amazon Photos to offer our customers a personalized photo and video storage solution.”

Amazon Prime: Drive is shutting down – users need a data replacement

In plain language, this means that if you only upload photos and videos, you can switch to Amazon Photos without any issues. However, anyone who has saved other files (such as documents) to Drive should look for a replacement soon. However, users still have some time to save the collected data.

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According to Amazon, it will not be possible to upload files as of January 31, 2023, but files stored there will be preserved for the time being. Amazon finally ended its Prime Drive service on December 31, 2023. By that time, everyone must have saved their data, or else the collection will delete it after explicit notice. App users will not be able to access the platform via the app as of October 31.

Amazon Prime has discontinued the service. There is no internal replacement for a job.

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Amazon Photos: Free Edition users have to limit themselves

Amazon customers can still enjoy one service: Photos and videos stored in Drive are automatically saved to Photos, the company says. Like the driving service, the photo service is available as a paid and free version.

However, if you don’t want to invest any money in Amazon Photos, you have to limit yourself: only 5 GB is available to users. Prime members have unlimited storage.

After plans for canceled Amazon Store and Prime delivery, the company announced the next change with the shutdown of the Drive service. At least so far, it doesn’t seem to bother customers.

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