Dongen Film Club will play again

Dongen Film Club will play again


Good news for all movie lovers in Dongen and the surrounding area. On the evening of Monday, August 30, the cinema doors of the Dongepark Theater will open again and the enthusiastic volunteers of Cinemaclub Dongen will once again be ready to bring you the best movie.

“Covid-19 is not far behind us yet, so we have to be careful. To ensure your health, it is therefore necessary to keep a distance of 1.5 meters. In the hall you can sit next to each other with your family members with whom you form a family. If not, please Keep two vacant seats.” According to a message on the website of Cinemaclub Dongen

On Monday, August 30, Cinemaclub Dongen kicks off the new cinematic season with “The peanut butter Falcon”.

In a hot summer in the southern United States, an exhilarating 21st-century version of Mark Twain’s 19th-century adventure novel “Huckleberry Finn” unfolds. The warmth resides in the story of two young fugitives who meet a fugitive and go on together.

Young Zach (Zach Gottsagen) with Down Syndrome has only one dream: to become a professional wrestler! He secretly decides to escape from the nursing home where he lives to realize this dream. He soon meets Tyler (Shia LaBeouf), who ran away for completely different reasons. They are two seemingly incompatible characters, but – as in any good friend movie – they grow together and form an alliance. As two extraordinary companions, they manage to escape and experience the wildest adventures.
A heartwarming movie with a beautiful message: The camaraderie between young Zach with Down syndrome and rebellious Tyler makes The Peanut Butter Falcon a movie everyone can enjoy.

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Show starts at 8:00 pm, doors open from 7:30 pm. Entrance fee 8.00 Euro and for members of the Cinema Club 6.00 Euro. Follow our programme:

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