Dock charging cable: Flevoland man fined €259 | the cars

Dock charging cable: Flevoland man fined €259 |  the cars

An Almere resident has been fined €259 because his hybrid car’s charging cable runs over the curb. This has been banned in Almere since the beginning of this year, but is tolerated in many other municipalities.

Radgesh Karia from Almere is at odds with the municipality over charging his electric car. He was fined, among other things, €259, which he believes is unjustified. According to Omroep Flevoland, he’s been charging his hybrid since 2017 and that wasn’t an issue at all.

In order not to be a nuisance to his neighbors, Radgesh says he used special rubber blocks that he placed over the rope on the sidewalk, so no one could trip over them. In May of this year, he received a letter from the municipality stating that he should have his own cable gutter. Radish says he paid €181 to the municipality to build the gutter, but that never came.

He was fined €259 last week for rope on the sidewalk. According to the municipality, the fine has now been suspended because it is being investigated whether the fine was issued after the cable channel application was submitted, according to Omrup Flevoland. When that is the case, Kariya no longer has to pay the fine. If he had already done this, he would get that money back.

“special responsibility”

The municipality spokesperson informs Omroep Flevoland that enforcement is in place to protect charging cable users. According to him, they are responsible for the damage themselves if people stumble over it.

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According to the knowledge platform CROW, which advises municipalities on this topic, cable over pavement is no different from a legal point of view than when you clean your car with an extension cord over the pavement. “They are therefore not the responsibility of the municipality,” a CROW spokesperson told NOS last year. “The owner of the car and the house to which the rope extends is responsible for its safety.”

The policy regarding loose charging cables on the dock varies from municipality to municipality. In Almera, it has been forbidden since the beginning of this year to lay a loose cable on the sidewalk and many other cities have such a ban, but in other municipalities this is allowed – often under certain conditions. If you want to know how things are going in your place of residence, it is best to contact the municipality.

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