Do you support Dr. Henry’s recent order banning large gatherings in private homes? – Vote

Do you support Dr. Henry's recent order banning large gatherings in private homes?  - Vote

Poll: private parties banned

County Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry has announced a new order limiting the number of people who can gather in private homes.

Residents can now only gather with their immediate families, plus six others. Henry says those who belong to a large family might find the six others too many.

The 817 new cases announced on Monday broke records, with the most one-day and three-day total cases since the start of the pandemic. 28,125 tests completed over the weekend in British Columbia equating to a 2.9 percent positive rate.

“We’ve seen a marked increase in new cases and transmission of COVID-19 as a direct result of social gatherings in private homes,” Henry says.

She adds that the increase reveals the effects of the family gatherings that took place over the Thanksgiving weekend.

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