Disney + plans successfully changed for the Marvel Loki series

Disney + plans successfully changed for the Marvel Loki series

Marvel series loki Continuing his fast-paced rush, he’s happy to fill up the Disney studio, which has decided to change the schedule for the Disney+ platform.

Disney’s change program to broadcast its series loki Wednesday instead of Friday seemed a small detail. although, Mickey’s ears seem to have prepared their shot quite well. In fact, resending the first two live series from the MCU, WandaVision and the Falcon and the Winter Soldier, weekly on Fridays on Disney+. This device was fully compatible with closed theaters in the United States and more widely around the world.

“Does Disney love us?”

Instead of going to the big posters on Friday, audiences can catch up on the MCU Phase 4 series without interference before the weekend. However, the gradual reopening of theaters in the United States has changed the studio’s plans for the third series. loki. It appears that this shift in the program has paid off and will lead to It has an influence on the planning of the future Disney series.

Aired since Wednesday, June 9, the Marvel series has grown into a ho The most watched series on its SVoD platform. Even if the studio doesn’t give an exact number, it’s highly likely that will be the case, as the number of subscribers has increased since the beginning of the year. In any case, this general interest in the Norse God had an effect on the leaders of the Major. Oh really, Disney decided to keep the series on Wednesday instead of Friday.

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A letter of thanks written by Disney

Unlike the movies saved for Friday, the Marvel series, star Wars et al. So it is broadcast every Wednesday. We mainly think about the side effects of The Mandalorianand the fat boba book, expected in breaking news in December 2021. It will focus on bounty hunter and friend Fennec Shand and will likely know this organization at air time. Until then, other guinea pigs will stick to this arrangement including serial monsters at work and Continuing the Pixar franchise Monsters and Cie Planned from 7 July. Same for the series Turner and hook It will start from July 21, 2021 instead of July 16, 2021.

In addition to reopening cinemas and new releases every Friday on the big screens, We can imagine that Disney+ thinks it’s wise not to deal with Netflix’s worst enemy. The Red N platform has already launched the fashion to release the vast majority of major novelties on Friday. By pulling out of this place, the confrontation will be far and the success is, a priori, a bit more to go to Disney (and maybe Netflix before that, since Disney doesn’t have much weight)

Anyway, this change of plan changes a lot in marketing on Disney’s part. and necklace loki Keep exploring time until perfection. For more information, please see our review of Episode 2. Otherwise, take a look at the trailer Monsters in action.

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